Frequently Asked Questions

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If you need to know anything else, feel free to contact us here or call (715) 478-3200 or check out our Trouble Shooting Guide…

Not at this time. Please contact us with further questions at (715) 478-6436.

We install a fixed outdoor antenna (about the size of a book) on your roof and then run a short wire into your home. It’s much smaller than a satellite dish, but capable of a much better Internet experience.

Mole Lake Broadband uses the latest in wireless technology to send you a high-speed internet signal over the air. The simple explanation is that we put highly technical equipment on very tall towers that can reach homes and hotspots for miles around. We then install a small device on the outside of your house to connect to our secure network. It is vastly different from satellite service as their signal needs to beam up into space whereas ours just goes a few miles.

To find out, contact us and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. You can also call us at (715) 478-6436 and we will check for you. If you’re not currently in the service area, but would like to receive our service in the future, contact us to get on our waiting list.

Yes! You should have no problem streaming Netflix, Hulu, or Youtube.

If you currently have satellite Internet, then you know what how bad weather can affect your signal. The great news is that the weather does not degrade our signal because we’re dealing with shorter distances and different frequencies. There are obviously exceptions to this rule (tornadoes, power outages, ice storms, etc), but we aim for 99.9% uptime.

We pride ourselves on keeping things as simple as possible. You sign up and you get Internet service. We don’t need to trap you in order to get your business. If you like what you’re getting from us, please continue to subscribe.

You pay Mole Lake Broadband via electronic funds transfer or with the credit or debit card that you provide during registration. And if you need to change your card or billing info, just let us know.