The following privacy policy applies to those Mole Lake Broadband Corporation (“MLBC”) Customers who subscribe to any MLBC’s service (“Service”), and describes the information MLBC collects and obtains, how MLBC uses that information, the situations wherein MLBC can disclose some or all of that information 1.


As a subscriber to MLBC of Service, you have the right to information regarding the following:

  1. The nature of personally identifiable information collected or to be collected with respect to the subscriber and the nature of the use of such information;
  2. The nature, frequency, and purpose of any disclosure which may be made of such information, including an identification of the types of persons to whom the disclosure may be made;
  3. The period during which such information will be maintained by the cable operator;
  4. The times and place at which the subscriber may have access to such information; and
  5. The limitations with respect to the collection and disclosure of information and the right of the subscriber to enforce such limitations.

Personally identifiable information means any information that identifies a particular person. It does not include any record of aggregate data which does not identify particular persons.

Customer Proprietary Network Information (CPNI) is information obtain when provided telecommunication services, including:

  1. Information about the quantity, technical configuration, type, destination, location and amount of use of your communications services; and
  2. Information contained on your bill concerning your communications services.

Examples of CPNI may include telephone numbers that the customer calls or communications services that they purchase. It does not include the customer’s MLBC, address or telephone number or other specific identifiable information. CPNI does not include information related to the internet, which is defined as an ‘information service.

MLBC collects both personally identifiable information and non-personal information about You when You subscribe to the Service. MLBC uses its system to collect personally identifiable information about You when it is necessary to provide services to You, to prevent unauthorized reception of its services, and as otherwise provided in this policy. MLBC will never use the system to collect Your personally identifiable information for other purposes, unless you provide prior written or electronic consent. Examples of non-personal information collected by MLBC includes IP addresses, MAC addresses, or other equipment identifiers, in addition to other data.

In order to provide reliable and quality Service to you, MLBC keeps records containing information about you that may constitute personally identifiable information. These records include some, but typically not all, of the following information: MLBC, Service address, billing address, e-mail address, telephone number, driver’s license number, social security number, bank account number, and credit card number.

Examples of CPNI collected by MLBC includes information available from your monthly bill, such as: location of service, technical configuration of service, type of service, quantity of service, amount of use of service, and patterns of use.

MLBC may also collect and maintain information about your account, such as billing, payment and deposit history, maintenance and complaint information, correspondence with or from You, information about the service options You have chosen, information about the Service equipment You have, and information about Your use of MLBC’s services.

By using the Service, You consent to MLBC’s collection of this information and other information communicated to MLBC, such as correspondence, responses to surveys or e-mails, registration information, or participation in promotions.


Personally identifiable information is collected to:

  1. Properly deliver Service(s) to You
  2. Provide You with accurate and high quality customer service
  3. Perform billing and invoicing
  4. Provide updates, upgrades, repairs or replacements for Service(s) or equipment used in providing Service(s)
  5. Protect MLBC’s system against fraud, unauthorized use, and any violations of MLBC’s End-User License Agreement
  6. Keep You informed of new or available products and services
  7. Better understand how the Service is being used and how to improve the Service
  8. Manage and configure our devices, systems, and networks
  9. Maintain accounting, tax, and other records
  10. Comply with tribal and applicable federal laws and regulations.

Additionally, MLBC may collect personally identifiable information from third parties to enhance MLBC’s customer database for use in marketing and other activities. MLBC may also collect information from third parties with respect to Your credit rating.

If You subscribe to our Service, MLBC transmits personally identifiable and non-personal identifiable information about You over the Service when You send and receive e-mail and instant messages, transfer and share files, make files accessible, visit websites, or otherwise use the Service and its features. Our transmission of this information is necessary to allow You to use the Service as You have chosen and to render the Service to You.


MLBC may disclose personally identifiable information to others if it is necessary to provide MLBC’s services, if it is required by law or legal processes, for mailing lists or other purposes – subject to Your ability to limit this last type of disclosure.

To provide services and carry out our business activities, certain authorized people have access to Your information, including our employees, entities affiliated through common ownership or control with MLBC and third parties that provide and/or include: billing and collection services; installation, repair and customer service subcontractors or agents; program guide distributors; software vendors; program and other service suppliers for audit purposes; marketers of MLBC’s products and services; third party auditors; our attorneys and accountants; and/or strategic partners offering or providing products or services jointly or on behalf of MLBC. The frequency of disclosures varies according to business needs, and may involve access on a regular basis. MLBC restricts third parties’ use of Your information to the purposes for which it is disclosed and prohibits third parties from further disclosure or use of Your personally identifiable information obtained from us, whether for that third party’s own marketing purposes or otherwise.

Unless You object in advance, applicable law also allows MLBC to disclose through “mailing lists,” personally identifiable information, such as Your Name, address and the level of Your service subscription, to non-affiliated entities, including advertisers and marketing entities, for non-service related purposes, including product advertisement, direct marketing and research. Under no circumstances will MLBC disclose to these advertising entities the extent of Your viewing habits or the transactions You make over the system. MLBC, or our contractors or agents, may from time to time share non-personal and/or aggregate information such as the number of Service subscribers who match certain statistical profiles (for example, the number of subscribers in various parts of the country) with our advertisers, content providers, or other third parties with whom we have a relationship.

We may provide anonymous data to third parties who may combine it with other information to conduct more comprehensive audience analysis for us and for television advertisers. This data helps program networks and cable operators decide on which programs, channels, and advertising to carry. MLBC may also use that information to distribute targeted advertising to You without having disclosed any of Your personally identifiable information to the advertisers. These advertisements may invite interactive or transactional follow-up from You. By using any of MLBC’s interactive services, You consent to our collection of this additional information. Unless You consent first or except as required by law, only anonymous information is disclosed to audience measurement services.

As part of its business activities, if MLBC enters into a merger, acquisition, or sale of all or a portion of our assets, MLBC may transfer Customers’ personally identifiable and non-personal information as part of the transaction.

If allowed by and after complying with any applicable law requirements, MLBC may disclose personally identifiable information about Customer to representatives of government or to comply with valid legal process, except as provided below, disclosures shall not include records revealing Customer’s selection of video programming. Disclosures to representatives of government may be made pursuant to an administrative subpoena, warrant, court order, our reasonable discretion in cases of emergency or serious physical injury, or other permitted means. In these situations, MLBC may be required to disclose personally identifiable information about a Customer without Customer’s consent and without notice to the Customer. Law enforcement agencies may, by applicable court order, and without notice to You, obtain the right to install a device that monitors Your Internet and e-mail use, including addresses of email sent and received and in some cases the content of those communications; and/or Your use of any telephone service, including listings of incoming and outgoing calls and in some cases the content of those calls. In some instances where there are valid legal requests for or orders for disclosure of Your information, we may notify You of the requests or orders and then it may be up to You to object or take specific action to prevent any disclosures pursuant to those requests or orders.

We may also use or disclose personally identifiable information about You without Your consent (a) to protect our Customers, employees, or property, (b) in emergency situations, (c) to enforce our rights in court or elsewhere, or directly with You, for violations of service terms, conditions or policies and/or (d) in order to comply with any applicable law including copyright law or as otherwise required by law, for example, as part of a regulatory proceeding.

1 Federal Law is not applicable, Sokaogon Chippewa Community laws apply. Any references to Federal law are for convenience only and is not an adoption of the law or acknowledgement that the law applies.